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September 15, 2015


Sitting on the Dock of the Bay


Alameda... a wonderful, magical island in the San Francisco Bay. And the place where I live (since June 2015). I didn't know what to expect when I moved here from Oak Park, in Southern California's Ventura County. The Los Angeles area had been home for a long time but when when my wife was offered a job in the Bay Area we decided to roll the dice, take a leap of faith and move up to NorCal.  


Bye-bye Dodgers, hello Giants.


As I mentioned, I didn't know what to expect. We had only visited the island for a few hours and had to put in an offer on a place to live immediately. I'm talking whirlwind here.


But it has turned out to be a great move. The City of Alameda is located off the coast of Oakland, and a short ferry ride across the Bay from San Francisco. So much to do here. The Bay Area is an epicenter of technology, creative thinking, finance, wine and other spirits, art, music and my favorite subject... food. Living on an island of less than 80,000 people is an awesome place to get far from the madding crowd while still being connected. 


I'm going to use this space to hopefully convey the breathtaking beauty of Alameda and the Bay Area in an entertainingly smart way... however, the best way to experience Alameda is to visit it yourself.

©2015 Alamedia Group

September 23, 2015


A Hidden Treasure on the Island


For those who love California burritos, or any kind of burrito, Oscar's Grill at 1411 Harbor Bay Parkway on Bay Farm Island is a hidden treasure found amongst row after row of office park buildings.


The food and sweets are as tradtional and authentic as any I have had here in NorCal, or even SoCal, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  In other words... they are delicous. The only drawback, and it's very minor, is the decor which is 'office park' look and feel but for food this good, I can live with the ambiance or lack thereof.


I had the seafood burrito but instead of the beans and rice I opted for golden, crisp French Fries.  Luckily I was at the doctor's office the day before and got a clean bill of health to thoroughly enjoy myself. My partner in crime had the chicken tortillo soup... home made... and excellent.


I'm looking forward to a return visit ASAP.

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